Google suspending Project Ara, looking for licensing partners instead


Google’s parent company Alphabet has suspended Project Ara, the ambitious project to build a modular smartphone for the masses. Instead, they will look for manufacturing partners who can licence the product instead.

As a recap, Project Ara is Google’s take on modular smartphone as each component can be changed according to the user’s needs and requirements. The company’s aim was to create a phone that users could customize on the fly with an extra battery, camera, speakers or other components.

Alphabet’s axing of Project Ara is one of the first steps in a campaign to unify Google’s various hardware efforts, which range from Chromebook laptops to Nexus phones. Former Motorola president Rick Osterloh rejoined Google earlier this year to oversee the effort.

So we have to say good bye to the notion of modular smartphones, and we will miss the possibility of the idea of changing features and functions on our smartphone according to our needs and whim. Thanks Project Ara, from us at TechNave.