Google wants to merge Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts into a new service


When it comes to messaging software, Google has never managed to get a foothold on the market. But it looks like the company won't give up just yet and is looking for a different implementation. Word has gotten out that Google is working on a new business communications platform, which will combine several Google services together.

According to The Verge, Google's plan is to merge the Gmail and Google Drive from G Suite with Google Hangouts. The latter is rarely used by consumers these days and is more of a platform for enterprise users, which fits the demographics Google has in mind for this new service. It is interesting to note that Hangouts can now refer to either Hangouts Meet (video chat) or Hangouts Chat (text chat). There's also a new one that's called Gchat.


Hangouts Meet for G Suite, one of Google's multiple underused chat software

Looking at the options already available, you may wonder why Google even needs another chat service. But it's quite clear that the company wants to have its own equivalent of Microsoft Teams and Slack, both corporate/enterprise level platforms that come with integrated productivity and communication software. By having its own version, Google will be able to entice more enterprise customers to its business services.

At the moment, we don't have any concrete details of how the new service will look but we expect Google to make an official announcement soon. To business and enterprise users out there, what would you like to see from Google in regards to this? Do you prefer to stick to Microsoft Teams or Slack instead? Let us know on our Facebook page and remember to follow us on for more tech news.