Google will make it more difficult to install third-party apps on Wear OS

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Photo courtesy of Google

The current Wear OS allows users to install third-party apps that are also installed on users' smartphones. However, it looks like this feature is going away as Google is trying to emphasize the presence of Wear OS apps on the Play Store. It is said that the new plan will take effect starting from 10 March.

Recently, the developers have started to receive emails from Google which inform them that Wear OS will make it harder to install third-party apps. Other than making the Wear OS apps more discoverable on the Play Store, it is claimed that the initiative will also help to reduce the file size of apps that are already available on the platform.

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For that to happen, it is said that the Play Store apps will be split into two versions instead of having the phone and Wear OS versions bundled in one package. This change will lock out any apps that are not available on the store.

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