Google won't give any free video calls for Gmail users on Google Meet soon


During the pandemic, having online meetings is such a norm now that most of us have a Zoom and other video call app accounts by default. However, most of them aren't exactly free as there is only a limited amount of time to use as free members.

Initially, Google Meet would allow Gmail account users to have group calls without limitation over the past year since the pandemic started. It was extended to September last year then got stretched to March and June this year. Although Google made it free in July, that is going to change as the platform will only allow “Calls with 3 or more participants” are limited to 60 minutes".

Even though it won't be technically free, having one-on-one calls is essentially free as it can be used for up to 24 hours. For group calls, a notification will pop up saying the call will end so if you would like to have a longer conversation, Google said one can upgrade the account for $9.99 (~RM41) per month via Workspace. 

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