Grab Malaysia is determined to provide a better working standard for the gig economy


The gig economy is trending in Malaysia lately. Interestingly, this is a global phenomenon and is not limited to Malaysia. That said, Grab Malaysia announced its commitment to improving the working standards for their employee today.

As a platform, Grab aims to prioritise the welfare, quality and protection of its partners. Thus, they intend to do this through a working environment that offers flexibility, financial security, protection, and professional development. On top of that, the company aims to strive for fairness and transparency in its partners’ earnings. It intends to do this by providing flexible work opportunities for a diverse group of drivers- and delivery partners.


Moreover, Grab has invested more money in its partner’s welfare and regulatory costs over these past few years. That includes free insurance coverage, enabling contribution to SOCSO and EPF, and upskilling their employee. The company also offers professional development opportunities, safety initiatives and so forth.

In addition, Grab intends to take the gig economy’s working standards to the next level through consistent collaboration with the government. That could improve social protection and ensure upskilling opportunities for its partners. As a result, employees or staff can equip themselves necessary skills to survive in this era.

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