Grab Malaysia reinstated the rider's account after investigating the incident with the 2 Singaporean men


There have been quite a few friendly tensions between Malaysia and Singapore lately. As most of you know, Singapore has added six dates of concerts for Coldplay while Malaysia only has one. Then there's also Jocelyn Chia who crossed the line about MH370. And now, there's a drama going on between a Grab delivery partner and two Singaporean men.

For context, there was a viral video taken by the Grab delivery partner about two Singaporean men pumping petrol into a container at a Caltex petrol station. This almost led to a fight but was stopped by police officers nearby. We also later learned that Grab Malaysia suspended the Grab delivery partner's app. 

However, many Malaysians were upset with Grab's decision to suspend the rider's account but didn't know it was temporary. Grab released an official statement about it, clarifying that the rider's account was suspended because there was an investigation regarding the matter. The company has already lifted the suspension after completing the investigation. 

According to sources, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs proposed an initiative to stop selling subsidised petrol to foreign-registered vehicles. An order was made that "all state ministry offices bordering Singapore and Thailand to intensify monitoring and inspections as well as to take stern action against any party".