Grab adding language translations, currency converter & more for Southeast Asia travellers

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For travellers back to travelling around the world, Grab just announced a few new in-app travel features. To help them travel with ease and peace of mind, here's what you can expect in the new Traveller Homepage and its functions in the Grab app.

On the Traveller Homepage, this page allows overseas travellers to explore a city within the Grab app as if they were at the destination. Available for 33 of the top cities tourists visit in Southeast Asia, you can check out the Grab services present in the city, search and save places of interest. This includes accommodation addresses, landmarks, and even exploring the food options nearby.

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Moreover, the Grab app is now available in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese languages. This should deliver a more intuitive experience for travellers from China, Korea and Japan, which are key markets for international tourists visiting Southeast Asia. Grab is also working on translating merchant menus in key cities across Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand into English, which should be ready by the second half of 2023.

Venues will also get revamped so that travellers can look at images of each pick-up point before selecting the one they want, and get image-based turn-by-turn walking directions to guide them, even before they book their ride. It can be used at over 4,000 locations such as malls, hotels, office buildings, parks and more across the region, including popular tourist attractions.


Perhaps the more important feature is the currency converter which will be ready after the second half of this year. Grab said it would automatically display fares in travellers’ preferred local currency so they don’t have to do manual conversions. And if you want to use another app instead, you can access Grab Ride through WeChat, AliPay, Ctrip, Kakao T and, and pay there.

Lastly, Grab also announced new upgrades to its GrabUnlimited subscription package, giving members access to discounted airport rides at 89 airports across Southeast Asia. It's worth noting from Q2 2023, Uber users that open the app while in Southeast Asia, will also see a message directing them to Grab as Uber’s recommended way to travel in the region.


So what do you think of these new features? We should be seeing them soon, especially in the second half of 2023. Until then, travel safe and stay tuned for more trending tech news at