Grab just updated a new 'Chat' feature that allows you to send messages and money to your friends!


Grab has been widely used by Malaysians not just for transportation services but also for food delivery and e-wallet transactions as well. Today, we noticed Grab has updated a new feature in the app which is the “Chat” tab. This is where you can now chat with your friends and send money to your friends via GrabPay in this feature.

Previously, Grab already has messaging features but only between customers and drivers when they call for a ride. With this feature, users can now conveniently chat and send money to their friends while waiting for the Grab Car to arrive. The feature is still on beta testing, so it may have some bugs to be fixed as it shows that it cannot send out messages to other friends.


Grab Chat may encounter some error

For now, you can check this feature out by going to the notifications tab page and click on “Chat” to try it out with your friends. But will you be using it with your friends? Let us know at our Facebook page and stay tuned for more news updates on!