Grab launches new carpooling service, JustSave for 20% lower fares


Grab recently announced the launch of JustSave, which is a carpooling service that allows passengers to save money by sharing rides with other passengers who are headed in the same direction. For now, there’s only a maximum of 2 bookings per ride. Currently available in selected areas in Klang Valley, Malaysia, JustSave will be rolled out to more areas in the coming months. 

To use JustSave, passengers simply need to open the Grab app and select the "JustSave" option. The app will then match them with other passengers who are headed in the same direction. If one passenger cancels while the driver-partner is on the way, the passenger who canceled the ride will have to pay a cancellation fee which will go to the driver. The remaining passenger’s booking will not be affected by this and will proceed as booked with the discount still in place. Fares for JustSave rides are typically 20% lower than regular Grab rides.

Would you mind traveling with other people you don’t know to save money? It’d be great if everyone could get along for the ride but we do know that that’s not always the case. Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to