Gurman: New Mac Studio unlikely to launch soon as Apple is focusing on the Mac Pro instead

feat image m2 ultra mac pro.jpg

Reliable tipster on everything Apple, Mark Gurman has claimed that the tech giant would not be releasing any Mac Studio in the near future. This is because Apple is putting its focus on the first Mac Pro with Apple Silicon instead.

Writing in his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg, Gurman said that a new Mac Studio and Mac Pro would be “similar in functionality” should the former be released at the same time. Hence, he doesn’t expect a new Mac Studio update until the M3 or M4 generation of the Apple Silicon.

This is because the upcoming Mac Pro may include the M2 Ultra SoC, hence giving the same chip to the Mac Studio would cannibalise its sales. Waiting until the M3 or M4 generation of SoC makes more sense as Apple could differentiate both products at that time. 

Of course, do take this with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed as of yet. Well, it’d be interesting to see how the Mac Pro would look and perform as it is the only Mac product that has yet to be refreshed with Apple Silicon. 

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