HONOR teases the ‘imminent arrival’ of the HONOR X9a 5G in Malaysia

feat image honor x9q 5g teaser.jpg

HONOR Malaysia has announced that it will be releasing a new smartphone in our country soon, which is the HONOR X9a 5G. The successor to the X9 5G released earlier this year, the company shared an image of the device’s back as well as some of its features in a statement today. 

Among the things highlighted by HONOR is the X9a 5G’s “ultra-tough OLED curved display” which alludes to its durability and resilience. In fact, there were previously official photos from HONOR which showcased how the smartphone fell to the floor but instead of having a dent, it created a crack on the floor. 

Moreover, the X9a 5G adopts a 0.65mm Super Reinforced glass on the display which excelled in 33 different drop tests including simulated marble and concrete floor drops. Besides that, the device is also equipped with an 'AI anti-mistouch' algorithm that adapts and will not react to unwanted, a welcomed feature for the curved display.  

However, HONOR Malaysia did not specify the exact release date of the X9a 5G. Well, we just have to wait for the official announcement from the company then, so make sure to stay tuned to us at TechNave for any future updates!