HTC One Max shows how NOT to do a fingerprint sensor

HTC One Max.jpg

The HTC One Max phablet is currently one of the few smartphones with a fingerprint scanner. However, unlike the Touch ID fingerprint scanner from Apple, the fingerprint scanner on the backside of the HTC One Max phablet requires you to swipe your finger, which is both inaccurate as well as difficult to do from the back. Granted, HTC looks to have offered some extra functionality by calling up apps based on differently swiped fingers but the feature is rather difficult to use for both of the reasons mentioned above. In addition to the hardware issues, there is very little software integration that may actually require or use the HTC One Max phablet's fingerprint scanner as you still have to enter passcodes to buy apps (or anything else for that matter). For smartphones that already have the swipe type fingerprint scanner, this may be too late to change, but it shouldn't be too difficult to offer a bit more integration with the software. As it is, fingerprint scanners are pretty much unused features for now, even in the Apple iPhone 5S, but this may change soon as software integration picks up.

Touch ID Fingerprint sensor.jpg


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