HTC Titan Review


At the launch of its latest phones, HTC claimed to the biggest Windows Phone handset vendor. This in itself is not much of a claim considering the minimal amount of the smartphone market Microsoft has managed to garner. However, despite this, HTC has obviously hitched itself to the WP7 wagon for the foreseeable future by launching two new Windows Phone handsets.

HTC Titan: Design & Build

The Titan is a monster of a smartphone measuring 131.5 x 70.7 x 9.9mm but it’s size is not reflected in its weight, which comes in at just 160g, though it feels rather lighter in the hand. The back of the phone features a two-tone carbon-grey metal case, which also features the Windows Phone logo.

HTC Titan: Display

The 4.7in LCD screen is the first thing that strikes you when you pick up the Titan. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and while the display models we saw had the brightness set all the way up, the screen looked very bright and sharp, with great viewing angles - among the best we've seen.

HTC Titan: Camera

The HTC Titan smartphone offers a dedicated hardware camera button to easily capture high resolution pictures without unlocking the phone. With the 28mm wide-angle lens users can capture more of the scene in front, while the back-illuminated sensor and the f/2.2 aperture lens make pictures look great even in low-light conditions. Also included in the HTC Titan is a panorama function to capture stunning photos of wide skylines and vast landscapes. With such great looking photos, you really can feel comfortable leaving your point-and-shoot camera at home.

HTC Titan: Burst mode

The burst shooting mode, designed to capture fast-moving action. Press the shutter button and as you move the camera to follow the action, it will take a series of shots, from which you can chose the best. Again this was straight-forward to use though we weren't able to capture any fast-moving action at the launch event. The camera will also record HD (720p) video.

HTC Titan: Video

The HTC Titan smartphone also features a HD video function to shoot vibrant and bright 720p videos. And with the HTC Photo Enhancer, users can quickly touch up pictures and upload them to social media websites like Facebook, tagging your friends as you go using automatic face detection built in to the HTC Titan Windows Phone.

HTC Titan: Processor & Memory

Inside, the Titan is powered by a single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 1.5GHz. It will be backed up by a measly 512MB of RAM, which could limit multi-tasking, a feature which the Mango update will bring. In our brief play with the phone we did notice some lag when we opened up more than three apps at once, though otherwise the interface zipped along nicely.

HTC Titan: OS

With the large expansive screen of the HTC Titan with built in Microsoft Office Mobile, this advanced smartphone from HTC enables users to easily create, edit and collaborate files. The huge keyboard makes typing on the HTC Titan quickly and comfortably. Also included are various E-mail features like Linked inboxes, to manage multiple email accounts and to synchronize your to-do list. You can also add group contacts to make communication faster and simpler, and users of the HTC Titan can even store their notes in the cloud with Microsoft OneNote.

HTC Titan: Multimedia

The HTC Titan offers the ultimate mobile multimedia experience. The HTC smartphone includes the HTC Watch application to put an entire library of videos and TV shows right at your fingertips, letting people discover the latest video content in a visually engaging way. Users of the HTC Titan phone can perfectly enjoy the Zune music service thanks to the Virtual 5.1 surround sound system.

HTC Titan: Game

In addition, the HTC Titan Windows Phone supports HTML5 for smooth and fast internet browsing. Naturally the HTC Titan also offers mobile gaming. The HTC Titan is the only phone with Xbox Live built-in. Users have access to a large number of games for Windows Phones.


We're really impressed by the look and feel of the HTC Titan, and while we had our reservations about a screen that massive, we found it was actually quite comfy to hold, and looked really bright and impressive. It remains to be seen whether Windows Phone Mango can compete with the likes of the iPhone and Android, but with mobiles this accomplished leading the charge it should stand a good chance.

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