HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 is your ultimate PC-like Device?!

feat image huawei.jpg

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 is the ultimate PC-like device that allows you to do work on the go, anytime, anywhere. Equipped with PC-level WPS Office and HUAWEI Super Hub function, it comes with a new magnetic keyboard that you can attach and work like a laptop which makes work and typing documents super easy. 

It has a 13.2-inch 144Hz Flexible OLED display with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 94% and super thin bezels. Furthermore, paired with the HUAWEI X-True display technology paired with the new HUAWEI M Pencil, it is the first consumer device to use NearLink technology. Check out the specs and features, as well as how the MatePad Pro 13.2-inch performs in the video below.