HUAWEI S-Tag release: built-in 9-axis sensors and up to 36 hours battery life, starts from ~RM197

HUAWEI S-Tag cover.jpg

Announced in May globally, the HUAWEI S-Tag has finally gone on sale today, starting in China. Unlike any other tags you have seen on the market, the S-Tag is actually a professional motion sensor for specific sports scenarios. It can also detect sports data when connected to smart devices such as smartwatches or smartphones.

The tag brings built-in 9-axis sensors, which can read the movements of the user's legs and waist and analyze 13 parameters, being helpful when it comes to running. Furthermore, HUAWEI also collaborates with the Chinese Academy of Sports Science to gather research data from the movements for providing professional exercise recommendations.

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Besides running, the HUAWEI S-TAG supports installation on the spokes of bicycle tires to monitor the rider's pace, touchdown time, and other data to help riders improve their professional abilities. The product weighs only 7.5g, even lighter than a pair of TWS earphones. Other features include being able to get submerged in up to 50 metres of water and a battery life of up to 36 hours depending on usage.

The HUAWEI S-Tag retails at 299 Yuan (~RM197) for the standard model and 499 Yuan (~RM329) for the elite model. It's unknown when it will come to Malaysia, but we'll let you know once we receive the update. Therefore, make sure to stay tuned to!