HUAWEI Sound X Malaysia release : Certified Hi Res 360 degrees with Devialet's Push Push Acoustic design!

Untitled-1.jpgHUAWEI has just launched a new AI wireless speaker dubbed as the Huawei Sound X in Malaysia together with the HUAWEI P40 series smartphone and the new HUAWEI Watch GT2e. What's more surprising is that this smart speaker is the first audio product of a collaboration between HUAWEI and Devialet.

The HUAWEI Sound X comes with the NCVM processed body and a 12sRGB laser-carved touch keys on the top as well as having the mesh fabric spill and stain-resistant material on the bottom. In terms of the sound system, the dual-woofer features 144Watts peak power value, 40Hz deep bass, 93dB sound pressure level, and 20mm amplitude. It's also Hi-Res certified. So let's check out the sound quality in the video below!

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