HUAWEI Watch Buds release: 2-in-1 design, 1.43-inch AMOLED, and 80+ exercise modes, priced at ~RM1,893

HUAWEI Watch Buds cover.jpg

You might have seen some images of a HUAWEI smartwatch containing earbuds inside. The interesting gadget has now made it into the market with the name HUAWEI Watch Buds, bringing the best of both worlds with just one piece of technology.

HUAWEI Watch Buds is the first ever smartwatch to house two pop-up magnetic earphones from big brands. It features a hinge structure that has been tested over 100,000 times. A single built-in earphone weighs only 4 grams, and each has a symmetrical octagonal cylinder design. It also has an innovative magnetic concentration array and wrap-around charging ring that allows users to pick up and access in seconds. After use, the earphones start charging once they're inside the watch.

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Besides a great design, the pair also packs a full-band micro-panel unit that offers triple real-time listening optimization and sound customization. There are also things like innovative wide-area touch design and AI noise reduction for better voice calls and distraction-free music listening.

Going to the watch part, the screen uses 1.43 inches AMOLED with 466 x 466 pixels resolution, 326 PPI, and touch support interactions. It gets surrounded by a stainless steel frame with drill-cut buttons, giving a premium feel. Just like other smartwatches, it offers a bunch of health and fitness features, including 80+ exercise modes and over 200 professional health courses with professional health management. It also comes with HarmonyOS 3 pre-installed.

The gadget brings separate batteries, a 410mAh battery for the watch and a 30mAh battery for the earphones. Its overall battery life goes up to 3 days. For the earphones, users can get four hours for listening to music and 2.5 hours for talk time with noise reduction disabled. Meanwhile, it's three-hour music listening and two-hour talk time with noise reduction turned on.

The HUAWEI Watch Buds retails for RMB 2,988 (RM1,893) in China. It's unknown if it'd make it to other countries, but we'll update you once we have new information. Therefore, stay tuned to