HUAWEI hopes HONOR will become its strongest competitor one day


The news of HUAWEI selling HONOR might have been one of the biggest news in the tech industry this year. HONOR was under HUAWEI as a sub-brand for almost seven years starting from 2013 but the relationship has eventually come to an end. Today, the founder of HUAWEI Ren Zhengfei has spoken regarding the departure by hoping HONOR to be big enough to rival HUAWEI one day.

Other than that, Ren also added that the public should acknowledge both of the companies are not linked anymore. The two now operate their businesses separately by complying with international rules to achieve their respective goals.

HUAWEI HONOR cover 1.jpg

When it comes to explaining the reasons for selling HONOR, Ren mentioned that the trade sanction imposed by the United States has threatened to take away jobs for not only Huawei employees but also a huge number of people from partner companies in other 170 countries. Therefore, selling HONOR is the right choice as it is deemed as a solution to those problems.

Regarding Google Mobile Services (GMS), the main owner of HONOR is now Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology and HUAWEI has nothing to do with the brand anymore. Therefore, there is a possibility that future HONOR smartphones will have pre-installed Google services.

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