HUAWEI launches the largest Health Lab to offer health and fitness solutions

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Not only the smartphone business, it looks like HUAWEI has also invested a lot of money and effort in the research for its wearables. Recently, the company has opened its largest Health Lab in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China. Besides studying health-related technology, the new 4,680m² facility also supports the research, incubation and testing of smart wearable products.

The newly-opened Health Lab has a professional optical motion capture system, which includes 28 high-speed infrared cameras supporting a peak sampling rate of 10,000 Hz, allowing it to record a wide range of subjects, including moving bullets, with millimetre-level accuracy. It can be used to study the human body alongside attitude data, allowing the company to innovate its products.

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There's also a physiology research area equipped with cardiopulmonary function and metabolism meters, heart rate belts, and high-performance treadmills for researchers to monitor data such as VO2 max, calorie consumption, and workout heart rate. Until now, the laboratory has already captured 192,500 km of running data in this year alone.

It doesn't just stop there. The lab has a micro-physical examination area as well that allows users to use HUAWEI wearable products to measure blood pressure and SpO2. Users can start tracking by connecting a HUAWEI smartwatch, HUAWEI Vision, and other third-party equipment. After that, they can perform activities like competing with friends while using rowing machines and spinning bikes.

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