Head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia gives us an office tour, and it looks amazing

PlayStation Studios Malaysia cover.jpg

If you didn't know about this, PlayStation actually has an office in Malaysia, and it looks pretty sick. The office was established in 2020, and its design revealed by the head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia, Hasnul Hadi, recently sparked a discussion.

The entrance alone is enough to amaze us without walking into the office. It sets the theme by following a futuristic vibe, with the iconic PlayStation symbols on the side. To enter the office, employees must go through the keycard authenticator where they'll see an illuminating PlayStation logo. After entering, a huge LCD screen displaying a PlayStation Studios Malaysia logo can get found in the office lobby. Besides that, the pantry and the common area are also well-designed. Although it's dark, we can see that the working spaces are equally cool.

Not only posting the office's images, but Hasnul also took the chance to thank his colleagues for making all this possible. He also added that he finally got his business card. What do you think about PlayStation Studios Malaysia's office? Drop a comment to let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned to TechNave.com for more local tech news.