Helldivers 2 Mech gameplay leaked - New faction, mission types, vehicles and more could arrive in the next update


If you have been playing Helldivers 2, you might know that mechs are arriving in the next update. Recently, a leaker has posted what the game looks like with the mechs in game and what it could do. That said, what should you know about it.

According to MrTLexify on X, the mech teased in the gameplay could be the EXO “Stomper” Mk3 from the original game. In the video, we could see multiple mechs unload their bullets on a charger. This is a welcomed addition to the Helldivers community because these mechs will make the game more balanced and enjoyable to play with.

But, it does not end there, a leaker says you might be able to call in an AI squad of Super Earth Soldiers. You can also expect the Illuminates to return and flying enemy types to debut soon. The leaker also says new vehicle will be available in-game and we might see new laser-based guns in the future.

With the way the game is heading, it’s safe to say Helldivers 2 has a bright future ahead. Plus, it will be interesting to see how Helldivers in Malaysia will react to these updates. One thing for sure, it’s going to be chaotically fun.


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