Here are 9 things that the RM100 eMADNI credit cannot be used for


Since the eMADANI launch two days ago, many Malaysians have successfully claimed while others didn't. That being said, it turns out that the RM100 credit has quite a few restrictions. 

According to Maybank's eMADANI web portal, the RM100 credit can only be used to physically pay QR codes at any merchant nationwide, including DuitNow QR code merchants from participating banks and e-wallets. However, successful applicants cannot transfer the credit to friends and family, pay utility bills, be unusable for postpaid and prepaid bills, and even parking. 

If we are being honest, it's quite a bizarre initiative by the Malaysian government to restrict the RM100 credit. Furthermore, this also applies to Touch 'n Go eWallet, ShopeePay and Setel. The RM100 credit won't enter your MAE or Maybank account either, as seen in the screenshot below. Also, below is the list of things you cannot do with eMADANI credit.


For those who have not successfully claimed the RM100 credit, you may get in touch with the respective customer service from each platform.