Here are some features that the Galaxy Ring will have


During the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung teased a new Galaxy Ring momentarily in one of its teasers. Well, the company unveiled the official look and also made its appearance at MWC 2024. Here's what we can expect.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Ring will have a "long" battery life. While it wasn't specified how long exactly it is Samsung Vice President Dr Hon Pak stated "There's a certain expectation in the market of 'it's gotta be more than just a couple of days'". It could be up to a week, more or less which is not bad.

On that note, Samsung also hinted to the media that users may have the option to choose between more functionality or longer battery life. Then for sensors, the Galaxy Ring would include heart rate monitoring, sleep latency and tracking, as well as night movement. A vitality score will be presented too which includes your physical and mental preparedness.

It's also worth mentioning that Samsung is partnering with Natural Cycles birth control app for fertility tracking, so that's a bonus for the ladies. That's all for now so until then, stay tuned for Samsung's official announcement for the Galaxy Ring launch.