Here are the Nintendo & PlayStation gaming emulators you can download on the Apple App Store


While Apple removed the Game Boy emulator iGBA from the App Store a month ago, you can still get other emulators on the platform for your entertainment. We talked about Gamma before but here are other retro game emulators that you can download

Perhaps the most popular one is Delta as it allows you to play all old-school Nintendo games from the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, NES, SNES and the Nintendo 64. But if you long for the days of old PlayStation games, you can check out the PPSSPP or Gamma for PSP and PS1 games, respectively. 



If you want to play both old Nintendo and PS games, then RetroArch is the one for you. Not only that but the app even supports Atari 2600, Commodore 64, SEGA Genesis and Saturn games. On the other hand, Provenance is also similar and is on the way. It will allow you to play many classic games as well. 

As aforementioned, the iGBA emulator didn't see the light of the tunnelAnother emulator is also on the same boat which is Dolphin which handles the GameCube and Wii games. This is because it uses Just-in-Time compilation that isn't compatible with iOS. 

It should be noted that all of this is possible due to the European Commission's anti-steering mandate, hence forcing Apple to update its App Store Guidelines. Not only does this allow game emulators but music streaming apps as well. For instance, Spotify can now include a link or buy button leading a website with information about alternative music purchasing options.