Here are the top Googled terms from Malaysia of 2019


With the year 2019 coming to an end, Google has recently unveiled the top trending searches from Malaysia in the year 2019 starting off with the top searched movie which is the Joker, followed by Captain Marvel as well as the Avengers: Endgame which was released this year. On to the music category, Senorita by Shawn Mendes was the most searched, while Mimpi by K-Clique as well as Memories by Maroon 5 were the second and third most search music of the year.

Apparently, Vanessa Angel held the top spot for the top searched people followed by Azmin Ali and Emma Maembong. Unsurprisingly, the top trending news topic for this year was the IPU (Air Pollutant Index) due to the haze we’ve experienced a few months back. Other than that, Tanjung Piai, as well as Belanjawan 2020, was the second and third most searched topic of 2019.

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In terms of the most searched term overall, the Earth Day Quiz is the most searched term while Thanos (just Thanos) and BSH came in at a close second and third respectively. With all that said, have you searched for any of these terms recently? Let us know on our Facebook page, and for more updates like, stay tuned to