Here are the top trending YouTube videos of 2020 that Malaysians have been watching


It's not a secret that millions of Malaysians watched a ton of YouTube videos during the pandemic. From home workouts to cooking, as well as comedy skits on coping with the lockdown, YouTube has gathered the statistics and released the Top Trending Videos in Malaysia.

If you're not familiar with the local YouTube scene, there are a LOT of them with a good mix between BM and Mandarin channels. Out of the 10, only 2 videos are Korean which are Knowingbros that covered a dance routine of Lisa from BLACKPINK and a food eating challenge, whereas another one is about news about Malaysia's lockdown by Al Jareeza English. 

We were told that the 10 following videos resonated with the Malaysia audience the most. Combining all of them together, they were watched more than 363 million times and they have gained over 19 million subscribers. Anyway, below are the official lists of the Top Trending Videos in their respective categories:

2020 Top Trending Videos in Malaysia

  1. Changyong -【我說新年好 】官方MV feat.常勇Danny舒森培永Julene常樂
  2. DONA 도나 - Red
  3. Food VS Blue Food Challenge 빨간색 파란색 음식 챌린지 DONA 도나
  4. Isaac Osman - ais krim KITKAT, OREO, MICKEY MOUSE dan rakan-rakan bergaduh dalam perut (mukbang malaysia)
  5. Syahmi Sazli - Drama Spontan 20: Dua Gangster
  6. TV3MALAYSIA Official - [LIVE] Majlis Akad Nikah Mira Filzah & Wan Emir
  8. Bros Gang TV - Experiment Gold Digger Test 4 : GF Ditawarkan RM20,000 Menjadi Artis Rakaman, SETIA ATAU CURANG?
  9. 低清DISSY - 【BRO!新年不要玩】2020最適合單曲循環新年歌!|MUSIC VIDEO |低清Dissy|
  10. 아는형님 Knowingbros - [선공개] 리사(LISA)의 ⚡️업그레이드된 태국 춤 = '게 춤'♪ (point. 무표정