Here are the winners of the vivo Vision Photography contest!

landscape champion_kenji.jpg

With the Photography contest coming to an end, vivo have finalised the winners of the vivo Vision Photography contest for each category including Animal, Landscape, People, as well as Plant. There will be up to 12 winners split among 4 categories, and they will be awarded up to RM6000 in cash prize.

With all that said, you can check out the winning entries for each category below. Would you have taken part in the vivo Vision Photography Contest if you had the chance? Let us know on our Facebook page, and for more updates like this stay tuned to

Category Champion First Runner Up Second Runner Up
Animal Jojo Elisan Yong Heng Leong Nicholas Yuen
Landscape Kenji Ooi Eu Jinn Ng James Leong
People Zcchss Melvin Choong Nikfirdaus42_
Plant Bryan Poh  Fendi Ahmad June Lim

Category: Animal

animal champion_jojo elisan.jpg

animal 1st runner up_yonghengleong.jpg

animal 2nd runner up_nicholas yuen.jpg


Category: Landscape

landscape champion_kenji.jpg

landscape 1st runner up_eu jin ng.jpg

landscape 2nd runner up_james leongg.jpg

people champion_zcchss.jpg

Category: People

people 1std runner up_melvin choong.jpg

people 2nd runner up_nikfirdaus.jpg

Category: Plant

plant champion_bryan poh.jpg

plant 1nd runner up_fendi ahmad.jpg

plant 2nd runner up_june lim.jpg