Here is the list of banks and services that haven't joined the Apple Pay service


As some of you already know, Maybank and Ambank have officially launched their Apple Pay service. But are there any other banks? Well, yes albeit only one at the moment which is Standard Chartered bank. 

According to other sources, no other banks have joined the bandwagon yet. CIMB confirmed this through its Twitter reply saying that nothing is in motion. The bank also didn't mention anything of trying to implement the feature either in the future and we imagine that the other banks could be in the same boat. 


Besides the three aforementioned banks, the other banks and services that can't support Apple Pay are Hong Leong BankBig Pay, Wise, UOB, Citi Bank, CIMB, HSBC as well as Public Bank. There is absolutely no word from them about it. However, Apple Pay support is now available on Maxis and Shopee

Apple Pay works the same way as Samsung Pay as it allows you to add your credit and debit cards for cashless payment. Besides the iPhone, Apple Pay also works on the Apple Watch, iPad and even the Mac. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at