Here's another way to dry your phone if you drop it in water


The traditional way of drying your smartphone if it drops in water is to take out the battery and chuck it into a bag of rice to dry it. Here’s another interesting way to dry your device, especially if it doesn’t come with a IP68 rating.

GM of Xiaomi, Li Weixing found this method when he accidentally dropped his Xiaomi Mi 9 in some water. And as we know, the Mi 9 does not come with an IP68 rating. Not having much time, he took the phone with him to work and still used it regardless if it was still wet with a barely functioning touch screen.

PrtScr capture.jpg

What he did to dry his phone is pretty interesting. He placed the device under the sun and played music continuously through it all day. It seems like the method moved the air in and around the device, ensuring that the moisture would leave the smartphone. By nightfall, the phone was working perfectly once more. So what do you do when your smartphone gets wet? Keep up with the latest tech news and happenings on!

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