Here's what you can do with ePemula credits (and vouchers) on BigPay, GrabPay, ShopeePay and TnG eWallet


By now, most of the youths have already claimed their ePemula credits but we also saw lots of memes on Twitter. On the platform, it seems that many of them are rather disappointed by some of the limitations.

As you should know, the ePemula programme was designed to decrease the youth's expenses burden as well as encourage cashless spending. However, it seems that the FAQs also mentioned that the programme was designed to encourage cashless transactions by brick and mortar businesses which mean no online spending at all. 

Earlier, we wrote news that ePemula recipients can receive extra RM500 vouchers on ShopeePay but with terms and conditions. In Shopee Malaysia's own FAQs, the RM150 ePemula credit can only be used for any offline payments (that support ShopeePay) except for the following:

  • peer-to-peer transfers;
  • cast-outs;
  • app-integrated payment of utility bills;
  • app-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments;
  • app-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups;
  • app-integrated games purchases;
  • app-integrated parking and/or toll fees payments;
  • app-integrated investment-related activities; and
  • e-commerce or online transactions;


Heading over to other platforms of Grab, BigPay and Touch 'n Go eWallet, this holds true as well with some other limitations. For example, the ePemula RM150 credit (and other extra credits) in Grab can only be used for GrabPay in-store and GrabFood Hot Deals transactions. Both BigPay and Touch 'n Go eWallet's extra credits are also limited to selected brands.

So which one is the best for you? Well, that depends on which app benefits you the most. For a programme aimed to lighten the youths' burden on expenses, it seems pretty tight and limited to us. Anyway, claim and spend them wisely, and stay tuned for more trending tech news at