Here's why you're seeing certain posts on Facebook


Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and wondered why you’re seeing certain things on your timeline? Facebook has finally come through with an answer for you through their new tool called "Why am I seeing this?"

“Why am I seeing this?” comes as a drop down menu on the posts of your friends, Pages and Groups on your News Feed. The menu contains information on why you’re seeing the post on your News Feed. Besides that, it also tells you what exactly is influencing the posts on your feed such as how often you interact with certain Pages or Groups, how often you interact with certain types of posts and the popularity of a certain post shared across the platform. The way this works is very similar to Facebook ads.

You’re also able to personalize your feed through the drop down menu with options such as See First, Unfollow, News Feed Preferences as well as Privacy Shortcuts. This tool was added as a way for the platform to be more transparent with its users. Facebook ads will also be given more personalization options as well in the future.

Tl;dr: you can basically customize your entire Facebook News Feed with the new “Why am I seeing this” tool that will appear on the right of posts on Facebook as well as give you information as to why you’re seeing said post. Personally, I feel like this is a great update because it does get pretty tiring seeing posts from people I don’t care about as well as posts that do not align with my personal interests. Does this update make Facebook more interesting to you? For the latest news on the latest apps, make sure to check!

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