HereO GPS watch looks cuter than your average kid tracker

HereO GPS Watch 1.jpg

Up until now, there have been many GPS devices in the form of watches that track your kids. However, most of them look bulky and something most kids would try to take off the moment they could. The HereO GPS watch could change that by offering a slimmer and more colourful option, at least for kids who like to colour coordinate their wrist wear. The watch does look smaller and more likely to stay on a kid's wrist while showing time much like any other kid's digital watch. Tech specs and features seem to be limited to just that, allowing the kids to tell time while providing an alert which goes off if the device leaves a geo-fenced area pre-set according to the app it is paired with.

HereO GPS watch 2.jpg

Pricing is significantly lower than some others at just $99 (RM324) but it is a crowd-funded Indiegogo project with still another $77000 or so and 38 days to go. You'll get 6 months free subscription for that pricing but you'll have to pay $5 (RM16) after this period is past. Check out the video for yourself below: