High traffic caused Disney+ to crash on the first day of its release

disney plus meme EDITED.PNG

Disney+ is a highly anticipated streaming service developed by Disney and it finally launched on 12 November in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands. The streaming service provides you with all your favourite shows and movies from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and some new content which you will definitely love if you’re a big fan of those. However, Disney+ crashed on the first day of its release and the subscribers were not really happy about it.

Although it is considered normal for new large scale streaming services to face technical issues and getting them fixed immediately, but the problem faced by Disney+ was somehow unidentified and subscribers panicked over it. A lot of them were facing issues like unable to load any content or can’t access into the service at all.

Being troubled by the crashes, it is also said that the Disney+ helpline has put customers on hold for almost one hour as they couldn’t figure out any solution yet. At the same time, it was reported that there are signs of Disney managing to fix the issue by reducing 8441 complaints to 748 left as the day progresses. 

The internet has also trolled the widely advertised streaming service because of its breakdown on social media platforms. There were a lot of Disney+ memes created by the frustrated users so let’s enjoy them down below.

Let’s hope that Disney+ can rise once again to fight against the other giant streaming services in this tough war. We also hope that Disney+ will be available in Malaysia soon for us to enjoy shows like The Mandalorian, remake of Lady and the Tramp and more.

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