Honor 9X Pro first look impressions, device confirmed coming to Malaysia soon


Here's some good news for Honor fans: Honor 9X Pro is on the way and is coming to Malaysia very soon. The company will be hosting a global online launch on the 25 February (1:30am local time) that will feature a few new devices, including this mid-range smartphone.

While the official launch is still a few days off, we already got to take a look at the new phone and have taken some photos of it. If you refer to our review on the Honor 9X, you can see that the Honor 9X Pro looks just the same in terms of design. It has the same pop-up camera on the top, triple-camera at the back, SIM tray moved to the top, and fingerprint sensor moved to the power button. The only thing that is different is the charging port being USB Type-C instead of micro USB.


Front of the device, with no notch or punch-hole


Back of the phone, really digging the X shape formed by reflected light


The pop-up camera and SIM tray can be found on top


The charging port at the bottom uses USB Type-C and the audio jack was retained


Pop-up camera in action


Triple rear camera has a bit more AI capabilities this time

Under the hood, the Honor 9X Pro's biggest improvement over the Honor 9X is its Kirin 810F chipset that was manufactured on the 7nm process. Overall, it'll perform better and have lower battery consumption. In addition, the new chipset comes with a built-in NPU that will use AI to deliver photos with enhanced sharpness and white balance.

We didn't get to play around with the camera for too long, but we did manage to take a few photos with it. From what we've seen, the triple rear camera performs really well, delivering great white balance and details on the standard or wideangle shots. The selfie shot we took was a bit less satisfactory, as it had a portion that was rather washed out. We've included a few samples below so you can judge them for yourself.


Good white balance and the picture looks quite sharp


Wide angle shot


Portrait mode


Selfie - Window on the left looks washed out

Now that you've got to see the Honor 9X Pro, what do you think it so far? Would you be interested in purchasing the device when it becomes available in Malaysia? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave.com for more details.

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