How the Apple iWatch might have looked if it was revealed last night


While we didn't get an Apple iWatch announcement yesterday, it doesn't mean that some people aren't still hopeful. For those of you looking at possibilities (Apple iWatch design team, hint, hint) Thomas Bogner came up with an awesome concept render design which looks like it would work great. The design looks a lot like the Nike Fuelband although we wonder if it is a bracelet like the Fuelband or the bottom part opens up like a latch. Quite a number of Apple iWatch smartwatch concepts have been cooked up already but with the iWatch supposedly set for a late 2014 release we're feeling a bit skeptical. As usual, since this is not an official Apple render or press image do take this with a pinch of salt. We admit it would be great if it did come true, but for now, check out the other iWatch concepts below:

Apple iWatch.jpg

Apple iWatch concept render 1.jpg