How to find the best high speed home Internet plan in Malaysia


Are you hoping to stream 4K videos, or play online games while downloading GBs of content in the background? There are many things that require a good Internet connection these days, so first, we have to find a home Internet plan that works for us.

What makes for a good home Internet plan, particularly in Malaysia? Obviously, there are a few factors that we can all agree on. So, let's check out these 4 main factors that Malaysians consider important for a good home Internet plan!


#1 Ultra-fast speeds


Faster is always better

The first thing we all want has to be speed. A fast Internet connection lets you download things quickly and stream content faster. This is fine for just a single user but if a whole family of 4 or 5 people are watching 4K video on YouTube or Netflix and your home Internet isn't fast enough to handle it, everyone might start experiencing lag! But how fast is good enough?

If you're living alone and only go online to browse the Internet or watch YouTube videos, a 100Mbps line should be enough. But for those who want to watch 4K videos or stream on Twitch and YouTube, you probably need a connection with faster download and upload speeds. In both cases, 500Mbps would be more than enough.


#2 Stable connectivity


Not a screen you want to see

Of course, fast Internet speeds mean nothing if it cuts off constantly. Imagine watching a series on Netflix, when suddenly your Internet goes poof! Well, you just got a free, unwanted cliffhanger. We're sure you can see how annoying that would be.

So, you'd want a home Internet plan that's stable, one that won't cut off or have inconsistent speeds. Mind you, this isn't something you would know without first-hand experience. But a home fibre Internet connection has amazing stability, provided nothing drastic happens (like power cuts).


#3 Affordable prices


If prices are affordable, all the better!

Okay, we have speed and stability, but what else? While I wouldn't say we're cheapskates, the average Malaysian is quite price-sensitive, especially when it comes to products and services. As such, the ideal home fibre Internet plan should be relatively affordable.

If you ask us, the ideal Internet plan won't cost more than RM200/month. If it's not an ultra-fast connection, you should pick one that's below RM100 per month. Of course, you can also look around for promo rates from the local ISPs. Who knows, they might offer you rates lower than their advertised ones.


#4 Extra value


Having extras would seal the deal

"What if they're all the same", you may ask. That's good for us consumers, as it means that our local ISPs are competitive. But it means that if you were to pick one over another, you need to consider at least one more factor - added value.

This added value can be in terms of extra offerings or superior customer service. For example, you can see if the ISP offers you a high-end router or mesh WiFi. They might also offer things like free e-wallet credits, free trial subscriptions, etc. With that in mind, signing up during promo or festive periods can be a good option.


For most of us, any fast Internet plan is good. But if you don't want to think much or sweat it out looking at all the options, then TIME's Kabel Besar offer home fibre Internet plans with excellent speeds and the most stable connection since 2020, as rated by Ookla. Of course, that's assuming your area is under their coverage (click the 'Check Coverage' on their website). TIME's packages are also relatively affordable, with speeds of up to 1Gbps for RM149/month for the first 6 months and RM199/month afterwards. You can also save even more by opting for the 500Mbps plan for just RM99/month for the first 6 months!



Furthermore, signing up to either of those two TIME Fibre Home plans means you'll get free Mesh WiFi! AND if you sign up directly on TIME's website, you can get extra Touch 'n Go eWallet Credits worth up to RM150. TIME also promises 24/7 service, delivered via mobile app to your fingertips. If you're in the Klang Valley, Penang or Johor, this could be the high-speed home Internet plan you need.

Is this the kind of plan you're looking for? If so, visit the TIME Fibre Home website for more details or to sign up! Don't forget to leave your comments below, and stay tuned to TechNave for more articles like this.