Huawei Malaysia sent each online customer a rose token for its RM3 million sales on 11.11

11.11 RM3 MILbig.jpg

So how much did you spend on 11.11? Perhaps you were one of the shoppers that contributed Huawei Malaysia's Mega Online Sale over the weekend and in their latest report, they have sold over RM3 million sales in just a day through its Shop.Huawei and Lazada online store. That's most impressive and normally in news like this, we would go on to tell you more figures on how well the sales were, but what the company did after that was even better.

As some of you might know, 11 November is wildly celebrated as Single's Day which originated from China and now it has become one of the biggest shopping events globally. As a token of appreciation, the company also sent an extra gift to the customers who had purchased an item from its online store - a single rose as a gift. Obviously, the customers will share this around online but unfortunately, that's the only low-resolution screenshot we have from them (#youhadonejob) but it's still sweet nonetheless.


If you missed out on the Flash Deals and rebate vouchers, no worries - Huawei Malaysia will host another round of crazy sales on 12 December 2018 so do stay tuned for that news at