Huawei Mate X has a dedicated button to unfold the display!


Finally, there is a teaser of the redesigned Huawei Mate X since the last update we covered on the Huawei Mate X in September. The redesigned device now comes with a dedicated button to unfold the display into the tablet mode.

According to the unboxing video posted on Youtube, the screen will automatically pop out whenever you want to unfold the display by pressing the red button that is placed at the back of the device. Also, there will be a soft pouch that comes along with it that replaced the conventional phone casing that Huawei used for other devices.

Unboxing video posted on Youtube

It has a different folding mechanism from the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as the display works by folding outwards with having both screens exposed whereas the Galaxy Fold folds inwards that hides the display with a second display outside the screen.

The Huawei Mate X is rumored to come with a Kirin 990 processor with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage capacity. The device may come with a flexible folded two-sided display of a 6.6-inch 2480 X 1148 resolution, 6.38-inch 2480 X 892 resolution displays respectively, and also a 2480 X 2200 resolution 8-inch folded out display.

The device may be expected to launch this month in China according to Huawei Business Group Chairman Richard Yu. As we have no official information on the tech specs of the device, so do take this as a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more updates on!

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