Huawei P20 Pro Twilight model is officially coming soon to Malaysia on 4 May 2018


After a wild speculation about Maxis releasing the Huawei P20 Pro Twilight variant on 26 April 2018, it turns out that the Twilight model never saw the light of the day, Huawei's own flagship concept store at Pavilion has officially announced that the Twilight model will come on 4 May 2018 and the sale will start at 6 PM.

How do we know? Well, first of all, they posted the picture on their Facebook page and judging from the location in the image, the whole promotion props are just right outside of Pavilion Elite building telling everyone who's passing by all the details they need to know. The price on the Twilight variant will probably be the same RM3299 and we think there will be limited stocks as compared to its other colour siblings. So if you want to get your hands on that particular mode, better start queuing up super early!


Very obvious lol

The P20 Pro is Huawei's latest camera-centric flagship featuring the world's first triple rear camera setup with 40MP + 8MP + 20MP, it also houses a 6.1-inch display with a notch on top, a 6GB + 128GB memory capacity, a 4000mAh battery pack and more. Stay tuned for more Huawei news at

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