Huawei awarded “Biggest Contribution to 5G Development” at 5G World Summit 2015

Huawei 5G award.jpg

Huawei recently received the award of "Biggest Contribution to 5G Development" at the 5G World Summit for their efforts in creating the next generation in high-speed mobile Internet and networks. Standardization of 5G networks is expected to begin next year with the goal of reaching 10Kbps throughput and 1ms latency to become prevalent by 2020. Huawei is currently laying the foundation for this by introducing new networking technologies designed specifically to increase the effectiveness and speed of 5G networks. Since 2014, Huawei released the world’s highest throughput test bed in high band (above 6GHz) and low band (below 6GHz), with total throughput reaching 115Gbps and 10.32Gbps respectively. In the academic field, Huawei has contributed over 180 papers on 5G in close collaboration with leading universities such as New York University and Harvard University. Huawei also plays an important role in many standard organizations and industry alliances such as 5GPPP, IMT2020, 5GIC, 5GMF and NGMN, defining 5G together with all industry partners. Here's what Huawei had to say about it:

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the judging committee, all industry colleagues as well as Informa for this first 5G award. It’s a great recognition of Huawei’s efforts towards 5G innovation, standardization contribution and industry collaboration. Since we started 5G research in 2009, Huawei has achieved significant breakthroughs in end-to-end 5G system innovation, including the new air interface technologies, new architecture and the world’s highest throughput test bed. We promise to continue our efforts towards contributing to a global unified standard and achieving a win-win industry chain in close collaboration with the whole industry." Chaobin Yang, CMO of Huawei Wireless Product Line