Huawei launches new IdeaHub smart screens to upgrade your workplace's meeting room

Huawei IdeaHub Smart Screen cover EDITED.png

Is your meeting room still using a plain and boring whiteboard for presentation? If it is, you should get an upgrade now with the new Huawei IdeaHub smart screens that were launched today. The product series includes the IdeaHub S, IdeaHub Pro and IdeaHub Enterprise, which all of them will bring your meeting to a whole new level with different useful features.

The IdeaHub smart screen can be used as a terminal that integrates smartphones in the meeting room to share information or ideas during a meeting. It can also be used as a smart whiteboard or a professional communication tool, not to mention it is able to connect to Huawei's cloud system as well for collaborative work. Other than that, the smart screen comes with a variety of popular applications for use in meetings, and you can just simply install one from the Huawei AppGallery.

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Furthermore, the IdeaHub also offers telecommunication functions that adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a more immersive meeting experience. Features like Auto-Framing that focuses on the number of people in the meeting room, Acoustic Baffle that blocks sound from outside the meeting area and Speaker Tracking that focuses the microphone on the person speaking are all available.

If you're now interested to get one after seeing all those exciting features, let's look at the choice you have from the Huawei IdeaHub series. The IdeaHub S will come with a 1080p camera and 1080p data sharing, while the IdeaHub Pro and IdeaHub Enterprise come with 4K cameras and 4K data sharing. Each model will also have two sizes that are 65-inch and 86-inch. You may soon book one with Huawei starting from 8 June.

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