Huawei unveiled their own new AI speaker - Sound X


Last night, we saw the new Huawei P40 series smartphones and a new Watch GT2e as expected. But what we didn't expect was a new AI wireless speaker. Dubbed as the Huawei Sound X, this audio product is a collaboration between Huawei and Devialet.

As you would suspect, the Sound X functions very similarly to Google Home and Apple HomePod. According to Huawei, the body is NCVM process and the touch keys are laser-carved as well as having spill and stain-resistant material. If you're curious about the sound system, the dual-woofer features 144Watts peak power value, 40Hz deep bass, 93dB sound pressure level, and 20mm amplitude. It's also Hi-Res certified.




Going into the features, it's best placed in the living room and you can connect it with your Huawei smartphone just by tapping from network calling to music and video sharing. You can also pause the speak just by placing your palm on top of it.

No price tag was revealed though, but that was what we learned about the Sound X last night. So what do you think? We won't be surprised if Huawei Malaysia decided to bring this AI speaker into Malaysia soon. Until then, stay tuned for more Huawei news at