Huawei unveils the future of 5G connectivity with Balong 5000 and Huawei 5G CPE Pro router


CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu

Huawei recently announced the 5G multi-mode chipset Balong 5000 and the Huawei 5G CPE Pro as the first commercial 5G device. According to Huawei, their 5G research started as early as 2009 (wow, that's some #10yearchallenge) with more than 5700 engineers, including over 500 5G experts. Currently, there are a total of 11 joint centres for 5G solutions worldwide. The Balong 5000 will be able to support a wide range of devices, as long as the devices have the 5G module pre-installed. 

The Balong 500 is the world's first single-chip multi-mode modem that supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G connectivity. From the lowest level, it can achieve a download speed up to 4.6Gbps at just sub-6 GHz (low-frequency bands, the main spectrum used for 5G). But when switched to a high-frequency band on a mmWave spectrum, it can go up 6.5Gbps. That's 10 times faster than the top 4G LTE speed.


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It's able to exchange data between different modes which effectively reduce latency and power consumption too. How this was achieved is because the Balong 5000 supports both a standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architecture hardware for 5G, creating the flexibility to meet different user and carrier requirements for connecting devices. The non-standalone section is built on top of 4G LTE networks, whereas the standalone 5G is its own independent architecture. Moreover, it supports Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communications, providing low-latency and highly reliable solutions for connected vehicles (enabling self-driving vehicles).

As the world's first commercial 5G device, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro is powered by none other than the Balong 5000 and can achieve a download speed of 3.2Gbps. According to their lab test, they claimed that the phone took 3 seconds to download a 1GB HD video clip, whereas an 8K video can be streamed smoothly. Should the Huawei 5G CPE Pro be connected to a new WiFi 6 technology, it can perform a download speed of up to 4.8Gbps.


To add on to that, the 5G device can support Huawei HiLink protocols, bringing smart homes, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises for super-fast broadband access. What a time to be alive! 

"The Balong 5000 will open up a whole new world to consumers," said Richard Yu. "It will enable everything to sense and will provide the high-speed connections needed for pervasive intelligence. Powered by the Balong 5000, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro enables consumers to access networks more freely and enjoy an incredibly fast connected experience. Huawei has an integrated set of capabilities across chips, devices, cloud services, and networks. Building on these strengths, as the leader of the 5G era, we will bring an inspired, intelligent experience to global consumers in every aspect of their lives."

Both the Balong 5000 and Huawei 5G CPE Pro will be making an appearance at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. Until then, stay tuned for more tech news at