Huawei will use Snapdragon chipsets for its phones in 1H 2022


For smartphones, prices have increased due to a shortage of components like chipsets. Huawei is no exception, especially since its stockpile of Kirin chipset continues to dwindle. As a result, it has to rely on other brands like Qualcomm for chipsets.

According to Digital Chat Station (via Gizchina), Huawei still has a smartphone that's powered by the Kirin 9000 4G chipset on the way. However, its stockpile of Kirin chipsets will reach its limit soon. To compensate, most of the company's smartphones in 1H 2022 will be using Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets.

Back in May, it was rumoured that Huawei could still launch a 3nm Kirin chipset by the end of this year. Since then, there hasn't been any solid info about this chipset, so it might not be true. But if it is, it will probably be available only for Huawei smartphones in China. Huawei could also turn to MediaTek for chipsets.

Mind you, this is highly speculative and we have no evidence on what Huawei would do. We'll keep an eye out for more updates, but until then, stay tuned to TechNave for other news on the latest mobile gadgets.