HyperX is being acquired by HP for $425 million, transaction to end in Q2 2021


If you're not familiar with HyperX, it's a gaming peripheral company by Kingston which is quite reputable among PC gamers. So reputable in fact, it is going be acquired by the HP brand for $425 million and we don't think we need to tell you how valuable is that in Malaysian Ringgit. The transaction is apparently underway.

HP will not own HyperX 100%, though, as Kingston will still hold the DRAM, flash and SSD products for the gamers and PC enthusiasts. With that in mind, HP will also definitely add HyperX into the OMEN gaming brand ecosystem of hardware, software, content and services. If all goes well, the transaction will close in Q2 2021.

HyperX is among one of the recommended brands among PC gamers, especially for its Cloud headsets lineup. Besides that, the company is also known for manufacturing good quality gaming keyboards and microphones. Are you a fan of HyperX? Let us known in the comments below and stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.