If you have older Apple devices, you need to get these updates as soon as possible


We might be a few hours away from Apple iPhone 15’s official release, but that didn’t stop Apple from releasing new updates for older Apple devices. The company just released the iOS 15.7.9, iPadOS 15.7.9, macOS 12.6.9, and macOS 11.7.10. What do these updates mean? Why should you get it?

As you can expect, the new updates contain improved security fixes and additional upgrades. Moreover, it contain the same fixes as in iOS 16.6 for newer devices. In case you didn’t know, this update improves on the security exploit that allows hackers to enter the opening system via PassKit. Hence, you might want to update your devices as soon as possible.

Besides iOS 15.7.9, the company also released the macOS 12.6.9 and macOS 11.7.10 updates for older Macs that no longer support Apple’s latest software updates. You can download and install the latest update on your Mac through the Software Update section in System Preferences.

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