If you’re looking for tablets, you gotta check these HUAWEI #MatePads series out!


There is a surge of up trend in Tablets recently, no matter if you’re the one who is looking for an all rounder tablet or an entry level tablet for your kids or elderly. This is all due to the new lifestyle we are going through now, everything needs to be on the go even for the school. So if you’re figuring out what tablets to get, one of these HUAWEI MatePad series here might be for you!

The HUAWEI Tablets have 3 levels, the MatePad Pro, MatePad and also the T series. If you're going for a more professional workloads, demanding for more heavy usage and features, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro series is of course suits your needs more, but if you're looking for a more leisure & entertainment plus a little work features, the HUAWEI MatePad series will do the drill, and for the kids, or having some budget constraints, you could look at the entry level HUAWEI T series. So check out the video below for more details on the HUAWEI MatePad series.

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