Instagram cracks down on online bullying with 2 new features


With the reign of social media also reigns the keyboard warriors. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it refers to those who love arguing and posting mean things on the internet. Cyberbullying happens on the online space as well which is why Instagram is stepping up with two new features.

One thing the social media platform has learned is that people tend to retract their negative comments once they’ve had time to reflect. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Instagram will now notify users who are about to post negative comments. The AI will ask the user if they are sure if they want to post a specific comment, allowing them the chance to reflect and decide if they want to proceed. 

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Here's what hapens when you try to post a mean comment

The next feature is called Restrict. It allows users to control their Instagram experience without ruining relationships with people around them. It can be hard to block or unfollow someone - especially if they know each other in person which makes things awkward. Restrict makes it so that only the commenter can see their comments on a user’s posts. Users can make the comment visible by approving it. If you’ve restricted someone, they cannot see if you are active on Instagram or know when you’ve read their Direct Messages. 

With these in place, hopefully social media will finally be the happy place we all long for. Also, with all the reflecting that will be happening before trolls post comments, perhaps they too would have some time to re-evaluate their personalities. What do you think? Keep up with the latest tech news on!

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Here's how Restrict works