Intel Confirm $200 Android Laptops and $400 Core Hybrids Coming Soon

Intel Android Notebook.jpg

While Intel have already dominated the Non-Android based laptop and hybrid computer market, it has yet to do much in Android-based markets. This is mostly because of the rather high-price most of its laptops and tablets have compared to the normal ARM-powered Android-based tablet or notebook.

In a move to solve this, Intel VP Paul Otellini was quoted as saying that $200 touchscreen laptops would be coming soon in the next couple of months. Intel Executive VP Dadi Perlmutter was also quoted as saying that these devices would most likely be Android based laptops using Intel Atom processors. For the more resource needy, Perlmutter said that there would also be Android laptops and hybrids using Intel Core processors but range from $399 to $499.

No details on when or if these laptops or hybrids would arrive in Malaysia but an RM600 ($200) laptop would certainly shake things up here considerably.

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