Intel demonstrates gaming at 5GHz with the upcoming 8-core Tiger Lake CPU

Intel Tiger Lake H cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of Tom's Hardware

At the GDC Showcase, the VP and general manager of Client XPU Products and Solutions at Intel, Roger Chandler, has shown off something that AMD should worry about. In a session, Chandler has demoed the performance of the upcoming 8-core Tiger Lake laptop CPU with it running a game at 5GHz across multiple cores.

The game that was used for the demonstration is Total War and it ran smoothly throughout the gameplay. It looks like the processor is powerful enough to handle all the CPU-taxing on-screen actions with its integrated graphics.

Besides that, the presentation also highlighted that the Tiger Lake-H will deliver 20 PCIe Gen4 lanes, to support PCIe 4 SSDs and discrete GPUs for better performance overall. Chandler also confirmed that the Tiger Lake-H range is aiming for a Q2 launch.

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